About Us

About Us
Total Concept Group is a leading Queensland and New South Wales window and door manufacturer, offering a comprehensive range of aluminum windows, bi-folds and sliding doors, balustrades and pool fencing designed to meet any building requirements. We also have available specialty louvres and screens designed primarily for quality, ease of installation, simplicity and most architectural applications.

Total Concept Group uses accredited glazing systems for commercial, residential, retail, industrial, hi-rise and domestic applications. Our management team has a vested interest in making sure that we meet the needs of our customers. Many years of combined experience, good communications, technical knowledge and resources from our staff allows our company to perform and competently solve issues that may arise during construction or refurbishment of new or existing buildings.

Site installation is a large part of our operation. We possess the most modern and necessary resources, skills and experience to achieve excellent results on domestic and commercial, hi-rise, low-rise, new and refurbished projects. With an experienced and qualified in house design team and a strong focus on customer service, we take our work personally and guarantee to provide the highest quality work. We are proud of our workmanship and professionalism, and our team will always be punctual, understanding, reliable and helpful. We guarantee our product to arrive on time in perfect condition ready for our professionally trained installers to complete your project with no delays.

We have factories located within Sydney, Gold Coast and China which all collaborate in order to derive the best quality glass for each and every project at an Australian standard. We have completed works on over 25 high rise buildings and laid more than 15km worth of balustrade, with all of our customers raving about our quality and professionalism of work.

Health, safety and the protection of the environment are critical to our success and the way we operate within our business. We believe that all injuries, occupational illnesses, accidents and environmental incidents are preventable. This requires each of us to promote and maintain a workplace culture that maximizes the potential and ensures the safety and wellbeing of our stakeholders including employees, customers, visitors, suppliers & environment.

Contact us for all glass supply and installation works and you won’t look back. The most reliable, professional and quality service across Qld and NSW will be sure to leave you a happy customer.